Hotel Uniforms

To deliver a professional outlook to your hotel, you just need a standard uniform for your workers and an enjoyable atmosphere. The best uniform for your hotel will enhance the outlook and also improve the comfort of your workers and customers. As a leading hotel uniforms supplier in Qatar, we always make sure to deliver exceptional uniforms for all our customers. We pick the finest fabrics for stitching the clothes, stitching is done by experienced and talented tailors. Our team consists of talented and innovative designers and tailors who are dedicated to delivering excellent products for all our customers. For hotels, uniforms are necessary for chefs, waiters, and janitors to create a trademark for your business. The attractive uniforms and the best services and food in your hotel will push you to a higher standard of business.

Hospital Uniforms

Uniforms are necessary for a hospital to enhance the comfort and easiness of both hospital staff and the people who visit. In a hospital, uniforms can be given to doctors, nurses, janitors, patients, housekeeping staff, securities, drivers, and other staff working in the medical field. As a leading uniform supplier, we strive to deliver higher quality products to all our customers at affordable prices.

School Uniforms

We design the best school uniforms in Doha, Qatar delivering the most quality products at attractive price ranges. School uniforms are made using the finest clothing materials that provide much comfort and fit for the students. Our creative designers put their expertise and skills to design uniforms that satisfy the customer's requirements and expectations. We have a group of talented tailors who are dedicated to stitching all your uniforms with excellent fitting and comfort. We are the leading uniform manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Doha, Qatar delivering quality uniforms for all your needs. The uniforms are made with keen observation, by picking the quality clothing materials and color combinations.

Sports Jersey

Sports uniforms are generally used for sports purposes and can be used for the players who play the sport, association members, and other members related to sports. Sports uniforms are commonly termed jerseys that are accompanied by track pants or shorts for the comfort of the game. Fashion Center Uniforms is one of the finest uniform-making companies in Qatar that delivers quality products to customers. The sports jerseys are made with the finest fabrics that provide more comfort and mobility to the sportsperson for enhancing his/her performance. We are capable of designing various jerseys for different games.

T-shirts Uniforms

T-shirts are the most commonly used uniforms for various organizations, clubs, or other necessities especially polo t-shirts and round-necked t-shirts. T-shirts are the gender-neutral and easily wearable clothing that is found most attractive to the viewers. We create t-shirts with the most creative and attractive designs for our customers to satisfy their expectations. Our talented designers and tailors work hard to develop unique and attractive t-shirts for all your necessity. We create exceptional polo t-shirts, round-necked t-shirts, and uniforms for your company/ organization/ clubs or any needs with superior quality products. For every piece of clothing we create, we use the most pleasing fabrics that are highly durable and stitched by professional tailors to develop exceptional comfort and fit for the customers.

Corporate Uniforms

Your company’s uniform is the identity of your company. To stand distinct from other companies you need the best and most unique uniform for your company. We provide the best uniform with superior quality. We remain the leading uniform supplier in Qatar through our excellent customer service and higher-quality products. The materials that we use are of the highest quality with the finest fabrics and highly durable materials. The uniforms for your company will create uniqueness and unity for your workers. We are blessed with talented designers and tailors to deliver excellent corporate wears or uniforms that deliver exceptional comfort and fit. Fashion Center Uniforms is one of the best uniform manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Qatar. To sustain our status in the industry we deliver high-quality products with an attractive price range and quality.

Promotional Items

We design and deliver promotional items of superior quality to enhance the status of your business or organization. There are several promotional items that can be developed to market your company and an effective method to enhance your reach. As a leading uniform manufacturing company in Qatar, we are dedicated to delivering the most satisfying products for our customers that meet customer requirements and expectations. The promotional items can be caps, mugs, bags, or any other accessories considering the necessity of the customer. The talented group of designers and tailors put their expertise and skills strive to deliver outstanding services for our valuable customers. Our services are expanded in Qatar making us one of the most remarkable uniform-making companies in Doha, Qatar.


Embroidery is the art of decorating clothing and it enhances the outlook of the product and makes it more attractive. We provide the most pleasing normal embroidery services and custom embroidery services with highly skilled and creative designers to add more beauty to your clothing. We remain in the top rank of the uniform-making companies in Qatar by our perfection and attractiveness in manufacturing uniforms. We deliver all our clothing with superior quality and perfection with innovative machinery. Being one of the top-notch uniform manufacturing companies, we always make sure to deliver higher-quality, durable, comfortable providing, and perfect-fit uniforms for all our customers.

Screen Printing

Being one of the top-notch uniform manufacturers in Qatar, we always strive to deliver exceptional services and products to our customers. Screen printing is yet another service provided by Fashion Center Uniforms. Screen printing is the process of transferring the image on the stencil into a flat surface by using a mesh screen, ink, and squeegee. Screen printing is used for making bold canvases, posters, and artworks.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer, also known as thermal printing, thermal-transfer printing, and thermal-wax transfer, is the method that is used to print designs or images on any piece of clothing. The image or design created in wax is transferred into the clothing using heat. Fashion Center Uniforms is the leading uniform-making company in Qatar, Doha has been delivering the most attractive and effective uniforms for all your needs. We provide heat transfer printing methods to create customized t-shirts or clothing according to the desires of the customer.

Industrial Uniforms

Your industry needs the finest uniforms for your workers who are the milestones for the development of your company. The uniforms are tailored for your industry to enhance the safety and comfort of your workers and also provide uniqueness and uniformity to your industry. Fashion Center Uniforms is one of the most acceptable safety wear manufacturing companies in Qatar that delivers the most proficient uniforms for your company's needs. We choose the aptest and finest clothing materials that are also highly durable and stitched by professional tailors. The uniforms are made with perfect fit and we also provide alteration services to make your our customer achieves the perfect fit.

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